Continue Your Education and Become a Medical Assistant

Are you about to finish high school and wonder what you are going to do to earn a living? Are you just interested in developing a career where you can help others each day? Continue your education and become a medical assistant. A medical assistant works with doctors and nurses, in medical offices or hospitals; helping with patients, managing offices and more.

Courses training medical assistance’s cover topics including:
• Patient Care
• Study of Terminology
• Learning how medical insurance works
• Learning Clinical Procedures
• Study of Laboratory Procedures

Responsibilities of Medical Assistance

Medical assistants handle not only patient care, but they also take care of the office paperwork and office administration. Patient care, under direct supervision of a medical professional, can include taking and recording patient’s vital signs, giving medication and injections, collecting specimens for laboratory tests and recording medical data. An understanding of medical tools and equipment is necessary to assist the staff and patients. Other activities may involve removing sutures and changing bandages.

Office Administration

Office work can include filing insurance forms and papers, admitting patients to the hospital and bookkeeping and record keeping for the office. After getting an education to become a medical assistant, you can become certified through an accredited program. Many junior colleges and community colleges offer certification programs.

With the aging population, more medical assistants are needed to keep physicians’ offices and hospitals organized and running smoothly. The position can lead to advancement over time. Many medical assistance become office managers for medical clinics and physicians offices. The Bureau of Labor Statistics believes that there will be a steady growth in demand for medical assistance through the year 2020.

Many schools with training programs also have services that help with job placement. Once you complete your education, you can start working right away.

Degree is worth it!

Greetings. This article is for anybody who is debating on the importance of getting a degree. Today we hear to conflicting points of view. Some people think that a degree is useless, and has very little value. They say it is “practical skills” that will set you apart in the work industry. Also many people today are out of the job even though they are highly educated. The other opinions I have heard throughout my life is that “you cant go anywhere” without a good education.

So what have I learned throughtout my life with all these conflicting views? I have learned that education is a means to an end , and not an end in itself. If you have no skills and no educations you are a fruitless tree. In my experience I didn’t know at 23 24 years old what I wanted to do with my life. At that point I went to university in China. I recieved a degree in Chinese history. It did open a lot of doors in my academic life.

I became a translator and made good money. Now I want to get a masters degree and continue my education. Today I strive to be what I call Street smart educated. We should have a good education but also practical experience. I have always known that to get my degree increases my oppertunities in life. When you look in the newspaper , I see many jobs but they require an education. So to have completed university will open msny doors.

I have lived in Asia for more than ten years. The market here is opening up fast ,and there are many new oppertunities. I know that my degree will help me to exploit many of them. Today getting an education is important and vital to living a good life. With a degree we can serve ourselves and others.

Dreaming of a Creative Writing Degree

When I was young, I really enjoyed reading. While all the other kids were running around the playground, I was nestled up with some books. One day, I decided that I wanted to be that person that was writing these stories. I spent years dreaming of having a New York Times Bestseller sticker on something that I wrote. Within the next few years I filled up countless notebooks with stories of grand sword fights and heroic quests. I just knew one day I would go to college and get a degree in creative writing.

Then high school came. Due to some personal misfortune, I hadn’t been doing well. I had to move to a larger city than I ever had been in before. To top it off, I didn’t know anybody. All I had around to keep me company was all of my stories. I had a teacher that let me know of a special high school in the area that allowed their students to specialize their education to a specific form of art. I applied and was accepted into their Literary Arts program for both Junior and Senior years.

It was an amazing experience. As much as I loved it though, I felt like getting the degree I had always wanted was not a sensible choice. What could I do with a creative writing degree? I had no idea. Trying to be more responsible, I went on and got a degree in Graphic Design. Even graduated in the top five of my class! Something just wasn’t setting well.

After all of this, I decided it was not worth waiting any longer. I had dreamed of getting this degree since I was very small, who was I to deny myself it any longer? I might not have had a clue what I could use the degree for, but I wanted it so much. Eventually something would work out, I was sure of it. So I set out looking for a place that would let me get this degree.

I finally found a college that would allow me to transfer in most of my credits I had already earned, as well as letting me take a course in Creative Writing. The best part? They had a focus in Fiction. The moment I realized this, I couldn’t help but think “how absolutely perfect.

Now I am enrolled in a great college, finally in my first real semester for the degree I have spent the majority of my life just dreaming about. Since so many of my previous credits were able to be brought in, I am already over halfway done with the program. All that is left is the degree specifics; also known as all of the fun stuff. Every single class period is a rush of bright, happy feelings. Finally I am where I am supposed to be. I am so excited for the day that I can hold this piece of paper with my name on it that shows the world I did it. I got my creative writing degree. Finally.

Effective Tips and Interview Strategies


Finding a job can be a lengthy process at times. We all dream for successful interviews that land gets us the job or at least get a foot in the door. I recommend taking a deep breath, do not panic, job search requires patience and consistency. In this article, I am going to share some of my tips and strategies that I used to land my job that took my career to the next level.

Major Mistakes Made During The Interviewing Process

Interviewing process can also be nerve wrecking we make mistakes and we learn from our mistakes. Here are things that we should not do during an interview.

– Chew gum
– Talk over interviewer
– Bring cell phones in interview
– Stay up all the night before interview

Resume and Cover Letter

One of the things I have learned is that my resume and my cover letters are what got me in the door. So make sure you have a bang for the buck resume with clear, detailed information on your work history, degrees and certifications. I found that the more clear and detailed I was on my resume the more calls I got. Be honest, most companies will perform a background check to verify your information before the hiring process starts. The cover letter is an introduction and summary of your qualifications so be sure to add pinpoints and highlights. Creating an effective resume and cover letter is the right way to go to land a successful job.

Professional Wardrobe/Attire

One of the most effective things I always recommend and I myself have used and found to be quite effective. I found that picking out and trying on my wardrobe for my interview a couple days before helped me to avoid last minute interruptions in the long run. Try a couple of outfits and look in the mirror to ensure appropriateness and great fit. Be sure to try on the outfits with shoes and accessories to make sure the combination is a success. Women can wear a nice collar shirt with skirt or pants. Men nice suit and tie would be suitable for an interview. Wardrobe is an essential role in making a great impression and landing a job at an interview.

Thank You Letters

Another great tip that I find quite useful during the interview process is preparing and sending the interviewer a thank you card after the interview process. I highly recommend this tip. This leaves a great impression with the interviewer. After, my interview process I sent out my thank you card through mail. Two weeks went by and next thing you know I get a call from my interviewer and how she was delighted to have selected me for the position. So sending a thank you card is a very effective process and may land the perfect job.

Additional Tips and Strategies

– Get a good night’s rest
– Eat a healthy breakfast
– Keep eye contact with interviewer
– Drink bottled water instead of coffee

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